3 must know weight loss tips when dining out

If you’ve ever been out to eat in a restaurant, you’re presently still going out to eat in restaurants or someday you’re thinking about going to eat in a restaurant and when you’re trying to eat healthy and you want to be well and you want to maybe lose weight, it’s important to know what to do before, what to do while you’re there and even what to do after.

If you follow these three steps correctly, weight loss, wellness and a higher state of health will be the result.

Tip 1. Eat light

Sometimes before we go out to eat, we start to think, i’m barely going to eat because i really want to enjoy this restaurant food tonight. That is the worst thing we can do, because what do we do when that happens? We get out to eat and then we want to eat like the whole menu. Making a plan to eat lighter meals during the day.

Tip 2.  Pick the restaurant if possible.

Making a suggestion of a restaurant you are familiar with, “how about we go to x, y, z?” Try to already have a place already in mind. One of the most important things here is to think what type of restaurant. For example, mexican is the easiest place because you can get fajitas with no tortilla. You can always ask for no chips and salsa at the table so you don’t fill up ahead of time and can really enjoy your entrée. Be a trend setter and say, “can we go here? I’m really looking forward to this place.” That will help you pick a place you know has healthier choices.

Tip 3.  Make physical activity a part of the day or a part of your event out.

Set aside at least 30 minutes that day to actually go out and exercise, because when you exercise, whether it’s walking for 10 minutes, it’s walking for 30 minutes, or doing a strength training routine for 20 minutes it feels great. We feel lighter and we want to make better choices the rest of the day. Do i really want to eat this blooming onion ring is a thousand calories when i just spent 30 minutes working out that only burn two hundred and fifty calories? It’s a great deterrent to make a better choice.

Another way of making physical activity a part of dining is pick a restaurant that’s 10 or 15 minutes away and then you’ll get a little more movement if you have to walk to that restaurant that’s ten minutes away or fifteen minutes away plus the walk back. You could even meet up with a friend for some social distraction. Walking on the way back from going out to that restaurant that will help your digestion too.stay tuned this week, these 3 tips are just the beginning… next we’re going to expose the hidden traps restaurants don’t want you to know about!

Here’s to being happy, healthy and fully alive!


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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