A Healthy Conversation–Why Do I Feel So Yucky?

How does losing weight easily plus getting rid of inflammation, digestive issues, pain, joint inflammation and sleeping problems sound to you?  Pretty good?   Today we’re going to talk about a key ingredient that may be causing you more harm than good.



DONNA:                     Good morning – welcome to A Healthy Conversation.  I always say, “Good Morning,” they may be watching this. . .

JOHN:                         Might be at night.

DONNA:                     . . .at 3:00 a.m. Right? So anyway, we’re back at the Lima house. Now we’re pretty blessed – yeah, we’re more than pretty blessed, God’s really provided amazing things for us.

JOHN:                         Absolutely.

DONNA:                     So, we have this house, and we have the lake house. I’m in a turtleneck, we don’t have a clue what day it is. Our weather here in Ohio has no clue what season it is.

JOHN:                         It’s fall today.

DONNA:                     Yeah its fall today, but it’s actually supposed to be almost summer. Now I know you might be watching this at a different time, but hopefully we can help people be amused by the fact that our weather is. . .

JOHN:                         We don’t know.

DONNA:                     Yeah we don’t know. Our weather is as confused as we are basically. So anyway what we thought we’d talk about today is something that is going to be very, very, very specific to you, no matter who you are watching this. We are going to talk about weight loss and your health. So we’re going to talk about losing weight easily and getting rid of inflammation, digestive issues, obviously pain and join inflammation, sleeping problems.

JOHN:                         All of the above, yep.

DONNA:                     And it’s going to be a very simple fix. So simply that you might not even buy the idea because when I first learned it, I didn’t. I’ve been absolutely fascinated, and I’ve been telling you about the 20/30 results that people have been getting. Now the weight loss results are great, their fast, they’re twenty pounds in thirty days or even more. But what’s got me more fascinated and what I’ve been studying and sharing with you is the listen to your body stuff.

What we’re finding is that certain foods you put into your body, different ones for different people are going to have certain reactions. There could be a breakout, one person noticed with a certain kind of food. Another person noticed – you talk about a lot – digestive issues with certain kinds of foods. I could keep going, the listen to your body thing is fascinating.

Well here’s how it ties to weight loss – it’s obvious how it ties health – here’s how it ties to weight loss. If you take in a certain kind of food that your body doesn’t really like and therefore it has a reaction to, that in and of itself can prevent you from losing weight. It’s all based on what you’re putting into your body, it has nothing to do with calories. Or it can even cause you to gain unexpected weight because it affects other hormone imbalances.

Which food is the biggest contributor to inflammation and digestive issues?


So there is a big one I told you could be a very simple solution. There is a key one that we talk about a lot that could be the culprit, both in you feeling inflammation, having digestive issues — some of the other things we’re going to talk about today — but in you not being able to lose weight. So it’s key to learn how to listen to your body. And that key food or component is. . .?

JOHN:                         Soy.

DONNA:                     Drum roll please. Okay so let’s give our government a little bit of credit for a second, and go why would they introduce soy to our population? I mean there must have been some good motive somewhere because all of a sudden we have soy in everything, we’re told to eat soy, it’s good for us.

JOHN:                         Soy is very high in protein. It’s an excellent source of protein so therefore we’ve been almost sold a bill of goods, we’ve been told that soy is great for you.

DONNA:                     And that’s a sort of truth?

JOHN:                         Well it’s good for from the standpoint that you’re getting protein in your system. However, and this is a big however, about fifty or sixty years ago, a bunch of scientists went over to Japan and starting studying Japanese women and why they were so much healthier than American women. You know, a fraction of the heart disease, cancers, stokes, hormonal issues, and they found that they ate a lot of soy.

DONNA:                     A lot of soy, okay.

JOHN:                         So, we come back here – soy burgers, soy milk, soy everything.

DONNA:                     Soy in everything.

JOHN:                         The only problem is when we copy something in this country, we really don’t copy it to the degree we’re supposed to.

DONNA:                     In its original form.

JOHN:                         Because women over in Japan were eating fermented soy – Miso and tofu. A lot of tofus aren’t fermented by the way, but some of them are.

DONNA:                     Okay.

JOHN:                         When you ferment soy, it stops being estrogenic. Now that’s very, very important because if you’re taking something that makes estrogens in your body, it has a very, very direct link to cancer. One of the things that the medical community is saying now is that 80% of all breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. So extra estrogen is causing a lot of the problems that we’re having.

DONNA:                     And the soy that we put into our bodies in this country, is very estrogenic.

JOHN:                         It’s non-fermented so it’s very estrogenic, so it’s making a lot of problems.

DONNA:                      When you put this into your body there, as I said before, certain conditions and systems, if you will, that manifest. What’s been the number one symptom?

JOHN:                         Well intestinal issues are probably the biggest thing. I mean, keep in mind that soy is bad for you to begin with, but now we’re eating genetically modified soy, which is a completely different kind of soy that we were eating twenty years ago.

DONNA:                     So let’s talk about what do intestinal issues look like?

JOHN:                         Acid reflux, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, you kind of go right down the laundry list.

DONNA:                     So here’s how I teach it when I teach the Listen to Your Body stuff; you put something into your body, right? And it’s got to go through the liver and small intestine and the large intestine and anything that’s got to be processed in this area here, if there’s an issues, if your body doesn’t like something, right in here, is most of the time where your body’s going to go “No, no, no I don’t like this.”

The liver especially what processes toxins, well if your body doesn’t like something, toxins are going to build up because your body is fighting back. So your liver’s not working well, milk thistle we know is good for that. Now we’ve got the small intestine, the large intestine. So there’s one other condition you wanted to talk about that can show up if a person, especially a guy, is taking in a lot of soy.

JOHN:                         Well, it’s a brand new set of circumstances right now, they call them moobs.

DONNA:                     Moobs. And it stands for?

JOHN:                         Man boobs basically.

DONNA:                     Man boobs.

JOHN:                         I see it all the time now, young guys are walking around with very flabby chests. What they’re looking at is they are thinking that it has an awful lot to do with all this extra estrogen that they are taking in; all the soy and all the different things that they’re doing to their bodies.

DONNA:                     So soy can be a culprit in, obviously how you look.

JOHN:                         One of many.

DONNA:                     But soy can be a culprit in all these problems and just not feeling good. Like I said earlier, it might be headaches, it might be pain in your joints, in might be digestive issues, not being able to sleep at night, but those conditions are totally tied into you being able to lose weight as well. This is a pretty big, soy tied into weight loss and health. On the next episode, we’re going to tell you exact sources of soy that you may not be realizing you’re taking in. Talk to you next time. Bye, bye.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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