Learn How To Really Listen To Your Body

Have you heard about…The Secret Science That Will Make It Impossible For You To Gain Unwanted Weight?
There are actually two sciences that you need to be aware of and, by the way, they’re not that secret They’re really only secret to people who have not acknowledged them yet, because the people who have acknowledged them, we live by them all the time.

One is a physiological science. The second is a behavioral science.

Physiological science (you might even call it a nutritional science) is what our members learn inside of the 2030 FastTrack program and it definitely continues on inside of our Listen To Your Body lifestyle coaching program (LTYB).

The physiological science is where you’re learning to pay attention to what foods are saying to you (see sample questionnaire below). Now people laugh when I say, “no it’s not like beer and chicken nuggets are saying to your “body we don’t like your body”, It’s really learning to identify once you put your body back to base line and you really have those hormones balanced out to the structured eating it’s really learning physiological science.

It’s learning when you add a food back in, which we do about every three days in Listen To Your Body, it’s being aware of what those foods are saying to your body, and if you keep those hormones balanced and you’re aware of what physiological science your body, it will literally be impossible for you to ever gain unwanted pounds again.

Now it isn’t the physiological science that makes it impossible for you to gain unwanted pounds, although that’s the crux of it. The magical science, the miraculous science that will make it impossible for you to gain unwanted pounds ever again, is the behavioral science.
Behavioral science has three pieces:

  • Awareness of what physiological science is saying to you.
  • Accepting that there’s a decision to make,
  • Acknowledging that you’ve made a choice.

It’s awareness of what the food is saying to your body, it is accepting there’s a decision to make and then is acknowledging the choice that you’ve made. We bring these two sciences together and magic happens!

Now if you’ve ever… attempted to be healthy in the past, attempted to start exercising in the past, attempted to go on a weight loss program, started taking supplements, attempted to get out in nature and be healthy, attempted to hang out with people who are doing something good for their health… if you’ve ever done any of this stuff and then stopped, you know that this is a lifestyle thing and, dare I go so far to say is it’s a lifetime thing.
You’re not just going to wake up one day and you’ve got it all achieved that’s just not how this works so understanding that behavioral science is based on human behavior and we never perfect it not this side of heaven never perfect it we’re always working ourselves.

Always working on one’s self and being aware is what listen to your body is all about.

One of my favorite things that I like to say is that 2030 fast track is like kindergarten and the Listen To Your Body coaching program is like first grade through college.

In 2030 FastTrack you learn the basics, it’s very structured eating, you getting your body into a high health state and bringing your hormones back to a level of homeostasis. It only takes a couple days just start to see results in a couple weeks to notice health benefits so it’s happening very quickly.
Once you get to the end of the 30 days it’s like you are graduating kindergarten, but you do not have enough knowledge to go out and live your life. Would you send your kids or kindergartner out in the world with just the absolute basics?

We don’t want to send you out into the world with a kindergarten education either so the LTYB coaching program is first grade through college. It’s progressive so we start out with the basics, we start adding two to three new foods a week in a scientific formula. The goal is to really start paying attention to what your body’s doing with those foods and identifying if you are sensitive to certain things…that goes back to the AWARENESS. Once you become aware there is something going on you then have to decide if you are going ACCEPT that your body is sending you a message and then ACKNOWLEDGE that you’ve made a decision and stick with it.

One of the very first things we do in the 2030 FastTrack is have you take a look at where you are starting from so you can see how fast you improve week to week, month to month and year to year. This is where the awareness begins!

Below I’ve included a small sample of our Personal Health Questionnaire. For the full document reach out to your local coach if you haven’t filled one out yet or email Beth@fullyalivenation.com for your very own!

20/30 Fast Track - Weight Loss - Wellness - Nutrition


Just starting out with the program you really can’t imagine how great you’re going to feel! Not only will the following issues improve your digestion, hormone levels and overall health condition, they largely affect your ability to lose weight….and maintain that weight. With the 2030 FastTrack you are going to be resetting your hormones using a trifecta formula that we will explain in the seminar. You will be using a nutrient dense/low calorie, ketogenic, homeopathic formula to bring your body back to baseline. The following questions will help us determine the state of digestive and hormonal health. Please rate each symptom 1-10, 10 being the most extreme and constant, and 1 being the mildest, rarely, or never. If you are on a medication for a symptom, it is automatically rated a 10.

Remember, for your full personal health evaluation and to have any questions answered reach out to your local facility or email Beth@fullyalivenation.com.

Here’s to being happy, healthy and fully alive!


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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